Weight Loss

Diet and weight loss go hand in hand with a slimmer you. Diet and weight loss online offers a bigger impact, allowing you to quickly lose weight in a safe, revolutionary, and effective approach to rapid weight loss.


Weight Doctors has created a weight loss diet and complete program that uses all natural products, cutting edge technology, and an individually tailored diet which allows you to lose weight quickly and permanently. This comprehensive weight loss online program requires no prescription medications, is suitable for any budget, is simple to follow, and allows you to lose weight quickly. From your initial consultation to the achievement of your goal weight, Weight Doctors has a dedicated diet and weight loss online staff to work with you every step of the way. Our staff is available six days a week to answer any questions or concerns, or help to modify your program should any problems arise.


When you combine the HCG injections or tablets with the medical weight loss diet your doctor, nurse and nutritionist prescribes, you’ll be on your way to feeling better and quickly shedding those unwanted pounds. Our team will coach you on the foods you should eat and how much (egg whites, low glycemic vegetables, 3 oz. of protein, no alcohol, etc.). They will also suggest you get a heart rate monitor to measure your target heart rate as you exercise so your body will burn the stored body fat faster. You will also be advised to get 8 hours of sleep each night because that’s when your body burns the most fat, and to drink lots of water and electrolytes. Though the weight loss injections or tablets are a major component to the success of your diet, our team will help motivate you to meet your weight loss goals.


Here is what two of our patients had to say about their experience with the Weight Doctors™ weight loss plan:
“My (now) husband and I wanted to lose weight before our wedding. I had bought the perfect dress, but there was one problem, it was 2 sizes too small. I heard about the WeightDoctors HCG Weight Loss Program and my fiancée’ and I went on the program together and reached our goals in less than two months. I fit into my beautiful wedding dress and the rest is history! It’s been 8 months since my wedding and I can say with extreme happiness that WeightDoctors delivers what they promise.”--B. Pate, Los Angeles, CA


“The first two days I was a little hungry, and I ate a lot of greens, which filled me up. I drank a lot of water, and I definitely had a lot of energy. I felt a lot better. It came off quickly and I’ve kept it off. I lost 15 pounds in three weeks.”--Lisa


Are you looking for an effective weight loss for women diet program? Then WeightDoctors weight loss program just might be the one for you. The HCG diet is a quick weight loss diet where women can lose up to 28 pounds in the first month. Additionally, the HGC targest fat loss in the most hard to lose places such as the thighs, under arms, belly and hips.


If you would like to learn more about our weight loss program, weight loss online, or how to quickly lose weight safely, call Weight Doctors today for a free consultation at 888-934-4451. Like many of our other patients who have enjoyed quick weight loss and kept it off, you will be so glad you did!