Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is the best way to achieve weight management control, but it is important to do your research and find the best medical weight loss program for you. Weight management control is not just about what the medical weight loss patients eat. Weight loss can be very complicated and your medical weight loss program needs to be personalized specifically to you if the medical weight loss is going to keep the weight off.


For many dieters, medical weight loss may mean something more extreme, like visiting a surgeon and inserting a lap band or having bariatric surgery performed to constrict the size of the stomach. With these types of medical weight loss programs, the patients have to prove to the surgeon that they’ve been on a medical weight loss program and have exhausted all means of weight management control before surgery.


Our medical weight loss program involves doctors and other medical professionals that specialized healthy, safe and effective quick weight loss solutions that are taylored to your own personal situation. When medical weight loss surgeons see the outstanding results of the Weight Doctors™ Weight Loss Program, they will often recommend against surgery. They see that the weight loss of patients on the Weight Doctors quick weight loss program is so rapid, there is often no need for surgery! When you combine the hCG injections or tablets with the medical weight loss plan your doctor, nurse and nutritionist prescribes, you’ll be on your way to feeling better and quickly shedding those unwanted pounds.


We have found that the Weight Doctors™ Weight Loss Program works so well for our patients because we listen and pay attention to your medical weight loss process. Our team will coach you on the foods you should eat and how much (egg whites, low glycemic vegetables, 3 oz. of protein, no alcohol, etc.). They will also suggest you get a heart rate monitor to measure your target heart rate as you exercise so your body will burn the stored body fat faster. You will also be advised to get 8 hours of sleep each night because that’s when your body burns the most fat, and to drink lots of water and electrolytes. Though the HCG weight loss injections or tablets are a major component to the success of your diet, our team will help motivate you to meet your weight loss goals.


Here is a testimonial from one of our medical weight loss patients:
“I’ve struggled with 40 lbs that I couldn’t get rid of to save my life. I wasn’t eating badly; I exercise, but still overweight. I heard about the Weight Doctors weight loss program from a co-worker and signed-up. Within a few weeks, we discovered that I had sensitivity to dairy and I believe I was a carbohydrate addict. I had it all wrong with the way I was eating and with the changes, I am never hungry, I’m a skinny, sexy size 6 and really wish everyone struggling with weight loss knew about the excellent weight loss program Weight Doctors offers.”--T. Tuggle, Seattle, WA


Looking for weight loss for women? Learn more about our unique medical weight loss plan that does not require extensive medical tests or surgery. Call 888-934-4451 for a free consultation and begin your medical weight loss diet with Weight Doctors today!