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It is perfectly understandable there is an insatiable appetite for weight loss solutions that are not only quick, but also easy when you see statistics that state: “two thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.” People are constantly bombarded about weight loss from magazine articles, from reality shows on TV, and from the numerous books in the weight loss section at your local bookstore. An Internet search using the words such as weight loss, weight loss plan, popular weight loss diet plans, hCG weight loss, fast weight loss plan, or any of the other variations with the words “weight loss” ends in thousands of results. Advertisements for weight loss remedies and solutions proliferate. If you have tried to lose weight you know that some weight loss diet plans work better than others for fast weight loss, some diets are easier to stay with for the long term, and some plans are less expensive. The basic types of diets range from “balanced” plans with calories that are controlled but no foods are off-limits, to Glycemic index, high protein/low fat, low fat, or meal replacement diets with restrictive food plans. In addition, there exist medically supervised plans with very low calorie diets of 500-800 calories per day intended only for short-term use. One weight loss diet that has recently seen a resurgence of interest is hCG weight loss which involves injections or pills of the hormone hCG, coupled with a low calorie diet.

The original hCG weight loss plan was developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a British endocrinologist whose 1954 seminal book, “Pounds and Inches” stated that a combination of a small amount of HCG with a very low-calorie diet can cause a person’s body to metabolize and burn his abnormal fat through a specific process resulting in weight loss. He proclaimed hCG was a potent appetite suppressant and advocated that the hormone, hCG, could eliminate fat in such stubborn areas of the body such as the upper arms, stomach, thighs, and buttocks, while still preserving muscle. The original hCG weight loss diet was very restricted, allowing only 500 calories per day. Because it was essentially a starvation diet with not enough nutrition for the body to function properly, his followers had to take breaks from it in order to stay healthy. This is the major fact that made / makes Dr. Simeons hCG weight loss diet so controversial, and is included as one of the HCG diet dangers listed on many hCG informational websites. In addition, the original protocol also restricted the use of hand lotions, shampoo and makeup. Such out dated restrictions make the diet difficult to follow as originally envisioned, and for those who are morbidly obese, unhealthy if on it for long durations.

As advocates of hCG weight loss plans, we have learned much since the 1950’s. Our doctors took the ground breaking Dr. Simeons HCG diet and made it better suited for today’s dieters. Weight Doctors has created a modernized version of this hCG diet program where the new protocol calls for 700-1000 calories per day depending on medical and diet history of the person. The WeightDoctors.net hCG medical weight loss diet requires two loading days at its start, which allows the body a smoother transition to the lower calorie diet. Our hCG weight loss diet routine requires six days of HCG injections followed by one day without, while continuing following the calorie restrictions. This “six day, on one day off” pattern eliminates breaks in our hCG weight loss diet.

In the early years, the only access to hCG came in the form of injections. After careful development and research, HCG now comes in the form of sublingual tablets and drops as well. Note: If you choose to use drops, do not be fooled by so called homeopathic drops with negligible amounts of hCG. Our prescription quality HCG drops deliver the correct amount of hCG needed to successfully follow an hCG diet.

Most diet regimes require a person to regularly hit the gym and do heavy exercises and workouts. Our hCG weight loss plan only requires minimum, lightweight activities. The optional exercise means you can still lose pounds without strenuous workouts. This makes our hCG weight loss diet perfect for those who find it difficult or painful to work out due to their excess weight, or cannot or don’t want to go to the gym. It is also a very effective weight loss for women.

The adjusted protocol makes our hCG weight loss diet healthy and easy to follow. Proven, lasting results makes our diet the most powerful weight loss option out there today. Our quick weight loss plan will reset your metabolism, so once you’ve completed our hCG weight loss program, and achieved your weight loss goal, all you need to do is to continue following a healthier lifestyle by eating sensibly and doing moderate exercising. Why don't you become one of our many HCG success stories by giving us a call today?