10 HCG Success Stories from Weight Doctors!

 HCG Success Stories

Weight Doctors has so many HCG success stories it wasn't difficult to choose which ones to post here! We love to hear all of the HCG diet success stories from our customers, so we'd love to hear yours! Check out our motivating and inspirational HCG success stories to help you begin or continue on your weight loss journey today.


Hi. I just had twins 13 months ago and something had to be done about my husband who wouldn't stop pinching my baby fat. Either it had to go, or he was going to. I lost all twenty five pounds in less than two months. Thanks Weight Doctors for saving my marriage. LOL

I have been fat all my life. Yo-yo dieting, fasting, counting points, counting calories, all of it. Nothing worked. I always dreamed what it would be like to be thin. Then I found Weight Doctors who helped me figure out why it was so hard for me to lose weight. 80 pounds later, my dream came true. This spring I wore a bikini in HA. (I included a picture of that with this note.) Everything wants to know how I did it. I tell them go to WeightDoctors.com!

I am what we affectionately call domestically challenged in our household. I don't cook. I don't even like to be in the kitchen. So everything is fast and usually unhealthy. And I am such a carb junkie. I used to serve carbs with every meal. There was always some sort of bread, rice, potato or pasta at every meal. Unfortunately, it wasn't just my waistline that showed it. Both my kids and my husband were overweight too. The day I had to hold my breath to reach over and tie my shoe was my breaking point. I signed up for the diet plan at weight doctors. They were fantastic and taught me how to eat differently. I also shopped differently and so my family began to lose weight too, not as fast as I did because I was doing the hcg diet plan, but by cutting the excessive carbs and sugars out of my household, they started to lose weight by proxy. Now we hike together as a family and we are so much happier. I had no idea what I was doing to my family. Thank God I found Weight Doctors to teach me a different way. I still hate to cook, but the diet is so easy and the food is so fresh, I don't mind. It's worth my family's health.

Dear Weight Doctors- My name is Fred. I weighed 343 pounds and was so desperate to lose weight I was trying to get Gastric Bypass surgery. Yes, so desperate, I was willing to lop off part of my own body to get my old life back. I found this HCG diet so I could lose the weight my doctor said I had to lose on my own in order to be accepted as a candidate. I lost 28 pounds the first month and told the doctors for the surgery to go stuff themselves. My insurance reimbursed me for the hcg diet and I used that to buy the next round. I am currently at 288 and still dropping. The really amazing part is my skin is shrinking along with my body, so I won’t have to have that other surgery to remove the extra skin either. No KNIFE!!!!!! Weight Doctors is amazing!

Work, work, work. Who has time for a diet? I just changed careers last year and went from running around a busy office to sitting in front of a computer screen. Great career move, but not so much for my butt. I gained twenty pounds in one year. Yikes. NO time for a diet center and all the hoops that entails. Weight Doctors was perfect. I loved doing my Doc appointment via Skype. And my nutritional visits over the phone. Everything I needed came to my door, AND I lost the 20 pounds in one month. Bam! Done!

My wife and I took a dinner cruise. In the pictures she looks lovely, and I couldn't figure out what she was doing with the fat guy. Nothing like having it right in your face to get you moving. My 20th class reunion was coming up and I had six months to fix this. It only took three. I lost 52 pounds in three months and let me tell you the pictures from that are much nicer. My wife is not hidden behind my huge belly. I could not have done it without Weight Doctors. They made it easy.

My kids are young enough they still want to play with me. There is nothing worse than hearing Mommy, chase me, and knowing at 225 pounds I wasn't going to chase them far. A friend had lost a ton of weight right before her wedding, so I asked her how she did it. She told me about the hcg Diet plan at weight doctors, so I called and now Iweigh 145 pounds and chase my kids all over the park and climb on the jungle gym with them. I kept the weight off with no effort for over a year and feel terrific. My husband, who never said a word about my weight, now can't stop telling me how hot I am. I wish I'd known about Weight Doctors years ago.

Weight Doctors- I am writing this note to maybe inspire other women. My husband left after 12 years of rough times. When I looked in the mirror I didn't recognize the woman who looked back at me. I had gained so much weight and had no idea what happened. I decided to get control over one thing in my life. Weight Doctors helped me do that. I lost 78 pounds in four months. My self-esteem skyrocketed and then other things in my life fell into place. I slowly gained control over my world one piece at a time. I just urge other women out there to take care of themselves and if they need help call weight doctors they can help you achieve your goals. They helped me and I just want to pass it on to the next gal.

The Weight Doctors HCG diet plan is a modern day version of the Dr Simeons HCG diet. Our program combines HCG injections or sublingual tablets with a 700-1000 calories/day regimen to lose up to 1 pound per day! Check out our HCG diet recipes, HCG success stories and helpful HCG weight loss tips. Most HCG diet dangers you read about include ineffective HCG drops, over-the-counter HCG, or a starvation diet. Not us! Our plan is safe, doctor supervised and effective.