HCG Drops - Buyer Beware!

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HCG has been used for weight loss since the 1950s, but not all hCG is created equal. There is a lot of confusion and mis-information when it comes to hCG drops. Due to the various ways in which hCG is available and the lack of reliable data available to the consumer, people can indeed wind up with products sold as ‘hCG’ with absolutely no hCG in them, more often than not in the form of drops. Unfortunately, these products are very different in both their effect and their safety from real prescription grade hCG.


In December of 2011, the FDA cracked down on the sale of real hCG administered without a prescription due to the fact that it is a prescription strength medication. All the companies that were selling hCG online to consumers without medical supervision had to stop. So, a key factor to keep in mind is that only licensed doctors with valid DEA prescribing privileges can write a prescription for any products with actual hCG in them. This means any over the counter hCG products purchased without a doctors consultation and prescription is a homeopathic dilution. The over the counter or online hCG drops don’t require a doctor’s prescription because there isn’t measurable amounts of hCG in them. Homeopathic hCG drops will often state that they are made in FDA approved laboratories, but this doesn’t mean they contain hCG, or that the preparation itself is approved by the FDA.


Some companies rebounded from the FDA crackdown by selling the homeopathic drops. To understand why there isn’t any hCG, we can look at the label of homeopathic preparations of hCG. They will have a combination of the following on the label: hCG 6x, 12x, 30x, or 60x. The number and the x denote how dilute the hCG is.


Any weight loss success people experience while taking these homeopathic hCG drops can be attributed to the dangerous 500 calorie diet which typically accompanies the hCG drops, and not the hCG drops themselves. This low calorie diet when combined with homeopathic dilutions is in fact just a starvation diet, as there is no biochemical activity from the hCG drops themselves. This is the reason why most people quickly put the weight back on after reaching their weight loss goals while using homeopathic hCG diet drops. The body recuperates from severe starvation without the assistance of the hCG by storing additional calories in the form of fat, hence the diet term “yo-yo dieting”. So if you’re trying to determine the hCG diet drop dangers, look no further, because these products aren’t dangerous because there are no ingredients in them that can hurt you – but they won’t help you either. It’s the starvation diet that typically accompanies these hCG diet drops that can harm you. So buyers beware!


At Weight Doctors, we use only prescription hCG which is available only in injection and sublingual tablet form. If you choose to use drops, do not be fooled by so called homeopathic drops with negligible amounts of hCG. Our prescription quality HCG drops deliver the correct amount of hCG needed to successfully follow an hCG diet. The WeightDoctors.net modernized hCG diet plan allows for dieters to stay on our program longer without any metabolic slowdown and minimal hormonal sensitization (this phenomenon occurs in Dr. Simeons hCG diet). All Weight Doctor patients first consult with a licensed doctor who is specially trained to individualize and prescribe hCG. Weight Doctors provides unlimited clinical support and is the only doctor supervised modern day version of the hCG diet.


HCG diet products can be broken down into two general categories, prescription and homeopathic. Remember when choosing your hCG products, if there is no doctor involved there is no hCG.

The Weight Doctors HCG diet plan is a modern day version of the Dr. Simeons HCG diet. Our program combines HCG injections or sublingual tablets with a 700-1000 calories/day regimen to lose up to 1 pound per day! Check out our HCG diet recipes, HCG success stories and helpful HCG weight loss tips. Most HCG diet dangers you read about include ineffective HCG drops, over-the-counter HCG, or a starvation diet. Not us! Our plan is safe, doctor supervised and effective.