The hCG Diet Plan

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The Weight Doctors hCG diet plan is the safest way to achieve extreme weight loss results today. No surgeries or starvation involved, just a medically supervised weight loss program that allows our clients to lose weight at an amazing pace without feeling hungry. is not a stimulant and is all natural. The benefits of following an hCG diet plan is to reset your metabolism, and melt away abnormal fat deposits on the body, leaving you with incredible weight loss results of up to a pound a day!


 What is an HCG diet plan? Our program starts with prescription grade hCG in the form of injections or sublingual tablets. This coupled with a low calorie diet gives you the opportunity to lose weight without feeling hungry. But we go one step further than most diet programs with our medical supervision. We have several levels of treatment, starting with our weight loss coaches and nutritional counselors all the way up to our nursing staff and doctors. Each medical professional is trained to help our clients achieve the best weight loss results possible. Our clients are never in this alone, because our clinical staff is available six days a week to provide support on the weight loss journey. Taking the extra step of teaching people how to fuel their bodies while losing weight at an incredible pace allows our clients to get healthy and stay healthy using the only modernized version of the hCG diet plan on the market today.


Our Weight Doctors hCG diet plan requires two loading days, which allow for a more comfortable transition to the lower calorie consumption. After that, our clients follow a 700-1000 calorie per day diet as prescribed by the doctor dependant on health and diet history. This diet will consist of mostly lean proteins and low glycemic index vegetables as well as some hCG diet friendly options, similar to a ketogenic diet. The medication routine consists of 6 days on, one day off allowing our clients continue on the hCG until they reach their weight loss goals. Our clients eat a heathly diet and learn new habits that will follow them even after their goals are achieved making keeping the weight off simple. Does the HCG Diet Work? The results that our cliets have seen speak for themselves. Many of our customers lose over a pound a day with the average weight loss between 0.5 and 1 pound per day.


How does the HCG diet work? HCG, a hormone produced by the female body while preganant, works equally well in both males and females. hCG affects the hypothalmus by signaling the body to release abnormally stored fat into the bloodstream, making it available to the body to use as nourishment. So by reducing your caloric intake in combination with hCG injections or tablets, your body is forced to use the mobilzed fat in your bloodstream. What this means to you is that the fat released is typically from those stubborn areas where you need to lose it most such as the belly, under arms and hips.


Most weight loss programs require regular trips to the gym and heavy workouts to accomplish the desired results, which is not always possible if you are a mother of three or carrying an extra hundred pounds on your body. With our hCG diet plan the exercise is optional and can be as light or as industrious as our clients are comfortable with, which means you can still lose pounds even without heavy workouts.


The journey begins with a phone call, where our clinical staff can go over the parameters of the diet, answer questions, and even set up a weight loss doctor’s appointment to get you started. These appointments can be handled in several ways, in person, via Skype, or even by a telephone call depending on location and what is most convenient to you. Finally, having the desired figure you want, achieving your weight loss goals and even improving your health is all within your reach. Call and let one of our weight loss experts lead the way.


The Weight Doctors hCG diet plan is a modern day version of the Dr. Simeons hCG diet. Our program combines hCG injections or sub-lingual tablets with a 700-1000 calories/day regimen to lose up to 1 pound per day! Check out our hCG diet recipes, hCG success stories and helpful hCG weight loss tips. Most hCG diet dangers you read about include ineffective HCG drops, over-the-counter hCG, or a starvation diet. Not us! Our plan is safe, doctor supervised and effective.