Dr. Simeons HCG Diet

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If you have done searches on the Internet for weight loss diet plans, eventually you will read about Dr Simeons hCG Diet.



Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons (1900–1970) was a talented English endocrinologist. Educated in Germany where he graduated in medicine (summa cum laude) at the University of Heidelberg, he spent a short amount of time in Africa searching for cures to various tropical diseases. In his early thirties he left for India where he eventually was awarded the Red Cross Order of Merit for his discovery of using injectable atebrin for malaria as well as creating a new method of staining malaria parasites that is now known as “Simeons’ stain.” Dr. Simeons also spent time in India conducting extensive research on bubonic plague and leprosy control and investigating an endocrine disorder of the pituitary gland called adiposogenital dystrophy, which caused severe obesity in young Indian boys. His work with adiposogenital dystrophy eventually lead him to the belief that if the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), were administered in very low doses in conjunction with a very low calorie diet, extreme weight loss occurred. After living for twenty years in India, Dr Simeons moved to Italy where he opened a practice focusing exclusively on perfecting his HCG Weight Loss Protocol. He devoted years to researching various patients suffering from obesity. With the publishing in 1954 of his manuscript: “Pounds & Inches a New Approach to Obesity” the Dr Simeons hCG diet was introduced to the mainstream public. Revealing a revolutionary diet plan with extraordinary weight loss results, Dr Simeons discovered a natural way for people to achieve extreme weight loss results using the hormone hCG.



hCG is naturally produced by women during pregnancy to protect the developing fetus. It permits the mother’s body to use its own fat stores to provide nutrition to the growing baby in the presence of a low calorie diet. With his insight into this process, Dr. Simeons harnessed the power of hCG and combined with his low calorie diet was able to produce extraordinary weight loss results in patients. However, the original Dr Simeons hCG diet was very restrictive and allowed only 500 calories per day in addition, to other restrictions including forbidding the use of hand lotions, shampoo and makeup. In order to maintain enough nutrition for the body to function properly, his followers needed to take breaks from the diet after a certain number of days in order to stay healthy. This has become a rallying point for critics of the Dr Simeons hCG diet. Although many people have been successful with the Dr Simeons hCG diet plan, an equal number have found the hCG diet difficult to follow. There have been increasing questions about the hCG's safety and effectiveness.



Over the years, interest in Dr Simeons hCG diet has waxed and waned. Presently Dr Simeons hCG diet protocol is showing a resurgence in its popularity.



Our WeightDoctors.net physicians have taken the original ground breaking Dr Simeons hCG diet protocol and created a modernized version of the hCG diet. We have eliminated some unnecessary restrictions that we believe do not affect the weight loss results. In addition, our protocol calls for a 700-1100 calorie diet determined by the medical and diet history of the person unlike the rigid original 500 calories a day diet. There are two loading days at the start of our revised Dr Simeons hCG diet which allows for a smoother transition from a person’s old his/her normal calorie intact to the lower calorie consumption diet. A routine of six days of injections or sublingual tablets followed by one day without injections or sublingual tablets begins after the two-day loading period. The specific combination of “six-day on, one-day off” pattern allows for us to provide a program that requires no diet-breaks, unlike the original Dr Simeons hCG diet. Occasionally our doctor may recommend a diet break for an individual, but it is usually not necessary.



Our modified Dr Simeons hCG diet is perfect for those short on time who cannot get to the gym or those who find it difficult or painful to work out due to the excess weight they are carrying. Our hCG diet plan only requires minimum and lightweight activities, meaning you can still lose pounds even without strenuous, time-consuming workouts. Our adjusted protocol makes this modernized hCG diet healthy and easy to follow. Our hCG diet will reset your metabolism, so once you’ve completed the weight loss plan, and have achieved your weight loss goal, odds are you will keep the weight off long term, with a continuation of healthy eating habits and moderate exercise. You are on your way to a healthier lifestyle.



The WeightDoctors HCG diet plan is a modified version of the Dr. Simeons HCG diet. Our program combines HCG injections or sub-lingual tablets with a 700-1100 calories/day regimen to lose up to 1 pound per day! Check out our HCG weight loss tips, HCG diet recipes, and HCG success stories. Most HCG diet dangers you read about include ineffective HCG drops, over-the-counter HCG, or a starvation diet. Not us! Our plan is safe, doctor supervised and effective.


*Endocrinology is the study of the medical aspects of hormones, including diseases and conditions associated with hormonal imbalance, damage to the glands that make hormones, or the use of synthetic or natural hormonal drugs.