Diet Doc Weight Loss App

Weight Doctors presents the Diet Doc Weight Loss App for the iPhone, iTouch or iPad. Now monitoring your Weight Doctors diet has gone high tech with this handy weight loss app make exclusively for us. Easy to use for just about anyone, whether you’re technology savvy or not, this app will help you plan your meals, shop for groceries, remember your daily requirements and monitor your weight loss progress.

Download your Diet Doc Weight Loss App now for only $14.99

Plan your Meals:

Part of the difficulty in maintaining any diet plan is properly planning your meals as well as purchasing the right foods at the grocery store. If you don’t have suitable diet foods in your house, you’re more apt to “cheat” on your diet. The Diet Doc Weight-Loss app makes planning your meals and shopping for food simple.

  • Plan all your snacks and meals from the extensive 5,000 allowable food database that sorts the food choices based on diet phase
  • Generate a shopping list after planning all your meals. If you plan multiple meals with the same food item, the amounts are added together for ease of shopping
  • Select vegetarian options if desired
  • Calculate the amount of water you need to drink on a daily basis based on your weight



Stay Within your Diet’s Parameters:

The fastest way to success on any diet plan is to ensure that you are properly following the weight loss protocol. The Diet Doc Weight Loss app makes it as easy as pie (or maybe broccoli) to stay within your diet’s parameters. Some of the great features are listed below:

  • Set up notifications to tell you when it’s time to drink water, eat lunch etc.
  • Schedule times to notify you when supplements need to be taken
  • Calorie tracking - track how many calories you’ve eaten for the day as well as what you have left to consume
  • “Calories Used” feature allows you to input your burned calories for the day so you know how many extra calories you are to consume
  • Check off your daily Ketosis levels

See the video below to see how you would plan your supplement reminder thoughout the day:

Monitor your Progress:

Frequent monitoring of your diet’s progress is a key step to successfully reaching your weight loss goals. When the scale confirms the pounds are melting away, or the tape measure demonstrates your waist is shrinking or your blood pressure reducing, meeting your personal goals throughout your weight loss motivates you to continue to follow your Weight Doctors weight loss plan. The Diet Doc Weight Loss app provides you plenty of ways to monitor your weight loss progress throughout your diet journey as well as to help you in maintaining your new slimmer figure after your weight loss goals are complete. Below is a list of ways that the Diet Doc app helps you monitor your Weight Doctors diet plan progress:

  • Photo / Journal Section – Sometimes the best way to monitor your weight loss is to actually see it in pictures. In the photo / journal section of the Diet Doc app, you can upload pictures of yourself as you progress through your weight loss journey
  • Blood pressure and glucose charts – some people may forget the many additional benefits that go along with weight loss including blood pressure and blood glucose level reductions. See these improvements in charts on the Diet Doc app starting from day 1 on your diet.
  • Journal – helps get you through your diet plateaus with you
  • Monitor and track your body fat percentage and body water percentage
  • Integrate your Diet Doc Weight Loss app with your wireless Writings Scale, which easily uploads all your weight information onto the weight graph.


The Diet Doc Weight-loss app works for all phases of the Weight Doctors diet plan from Phase 1 to the Life style phase (maintenance phase).

Download your Diet Doc Weight Loss App now for only $14.99

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