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The hcg diet is not a fad diet. It has been used successfully and consistently for several decades by millions of individuals. Through applying scientific knowledge to the original hcg diet developed back in the 1950s, Weight Doctors have made many improvements to the hcg diet to make it more effective without using starvation techniques or limiting vegetables to only a few per meal.

WeightDoctors not only modernized the 1950 hCG diet, but went on to develop a medical, weight loss system that personalizes an hCG diet for each person based on their health history, age, lifestyle and gender. This is how rapid, fast, safe weight loss is done. By utilizing a personalized approach, people can expect to reach their maximum weight loss potential of up to 30 pounds per month.

Weight Doctors is an aggressive, medically supervised weight loss program that is easy and flexible, delicious and satisfying, and the results are lasting. On this program your energy levels should be great, your appetite controlled, and you eat yummy foods like filet mignon with fennel cherry sauce and asparagus, grilled salmon with pesto and lemon herb vegetables, chicken breast with spicy orange-ginger glaze with a leek spinach salad, or shrimp and calamari with minted onions and peppers. The physicians at Weight Doctors believe that a weight loss program should not only be safe and effective, but delicious and individualized as well. We use tasty, calorie dense foods to correct underlying imbalances to weight, we encourage satisfying snacks to prevent you from feeling hungry or deprived, and we teach you the principles of weight loss so that you can live a completely normal life.

HCG = Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hcg) is a glyco-protein hormone involved in metabolic processes within the body. It is typically only produced in significant amounts during pregnancy. Even in the very early days of pregnancy it is produced in very high amounts. It plays a number of roles in pregnancy but in a non-pregnant state, in both males and females, it can be an important component of a weight loss program. Specifically, it increases adiponectin levels, which should improve leptin and insulin sensitivities in the hypothalamic regions of the brain. This, in turn, should help with appetite and to restore proper communication between the brain and the fat cells.